Hello and welcome to this site for printmaking and practice based research into:

The Drawn Portrait in Contemporary Printmaking: A journey between analogue and digital

 This research explores the value of using contemporary smart phone digital photography as a basis for portrait drawing, printmaking and how this process alters the meaning of the image.


My Practise Based Phd is titled :

Contemporary Portraiture.The Analogue and Digital Inter-Relationships between Smart Phone Photography, Drawing and Printmaking.

This research explores the value of using contemporary smart phone digital photography as a basis for portrait drawing, printmaking and how this process alters the meaning of the image.

It is my intention to interrogate the question through the digital and analogue techniques of image making and by exploring the complex relationship between the observer and the observed.

Click drop down menus to access the contents and results of the research. Some areas of the research are password protected. Send email request to Edward.turpie@mail.bcu.ac.uk.

HSWM Portraits 2015/16

In the year 2015/16 I was honoured to be appointed the High Sheriff of the West Midlands.

The year was an opportunity to meet a vast range of people and coincidentally I was invited to be an artist in residence at Birmingham City University. This has been an opportunity to revisit my artistic and printmaking past at the Royal College of Art.  Over the shrieval year I have made a series of silkscreen portraits to celebrate these good people.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery supported the endeavour with an exhibition in their Gallery 16, which was another honour for me.

The HSWM prints are in signed editions of 5 and printed on a range of quality paper at A1 or A0 size. Click through the slide show below for the portraits.

And a short film captures the portraits and the show.

Following the HSWM exhibition that included a number of WMSheriffs I have continued to draw portraits of members of the West Midlands Shrievalty and Lieutenancy teams.

Chris Loughran Esq. High Sheriff WM 2017/18
Martin Tunstall Esq. Clerk, Lord Lieutenancy 2017

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Fellow Travellers Prints








This is the Printmaking and Research Site for Jonnie Turpie’s journey in drawn and printed analogue and digital portraiture.


Since travelling south from Scotland to study Fine Art in Newcastle and Printmaking at the RCA many years ago Jonnie produced film, TV and Digital Media and established Maverick Television. Recently he began drawing again.

He began using an Iphone and Ipad to make a series of digital prints titled Fellow Travellers. Since then he has been introduced to new silk screen techniques that have been developed over the last 30 years and is now creating large scale ‘litho-like’ drawn, screen print portraits. These are created by drawing images from iphone ‘meetings’ onto textured mark resist film for exposing onto silk screens. Drawings are made with pencil, graphite, crayon, touche, erasers, charcoal, scratches, that allow different degrees of light to be exposed on to silk screen.

The quality of marks is also created by the texture of the tooth and thereby the  size of marks that prevent the light coming through to the emulsion.  Once exposed and washed out the screens are ‘stopped out’ to allow the images to be isolated from their backgrounds and be printed on A1 or A0 high quality Fabrianno, Hahnemuhle or Somerset paper. The images then ‘float’ on the paper. The floating is taken further when conservation framed ‘off’ the backing.

He also embarked on a small series of mezzotints which is challenging as every element of the process from sourcing, preparing and rocking copper plates through to scraping, burnishing and printing is crucial to get right as there is little chance to retrace steps. This rebirth of his printmaking practice was made during his year as High Sheriff of the West Midlands where arts and creative industries were his theme and he began an Artist in Residence role at Birmingham City University’s School of Art.
 The Research tabs in this site lead to the research into contemporary portraiture in digital and analogue he is pursuing and the art works he is creating.