When we could meet and share #BLM

iPad Drawings made or published, during the global Coronavirus Lockdown that use photographs made when we could meet and share in art environments. Many are celebrations of people that are still under represented in the art world and beyond.

Saida. Frierce Festival Grand Opening 2019 @BMAG when we could meet, share and hug. Drawn July 2020.
British Museum 2019. Digital drawing January 2021.

Daniel Alexander from when we met and shared hopes and plans 3 years ago. Digital drawing. October 2020.
Eden Kadan, Birmingham December 2020. A29x42cm. Digital drawing.
Phil Kadan, Birmingham. 29x42cm. Digital drawing. December 2020
M is migration from @studioolafureliasson @Tate. Drawn July  2020.
Rachel. Aint No Wifey. From when we could meet in the print room. Digital drawing. January 2021.
Lemn Sissay Instagraming at his book reading and signing, when we could meet, share and queue. December 2019, drawn September 2020.
Mostly Funk and Jazz. Moseley Park August 2019. Drawn August 2020.

Pogus Ceasar when we met at the 4th Anniversary exhibition of Handsworth Self Portraits @MAC Birmingham. Summer 2019. Drawn August  2020.

Lenny Henry celebrating his Jamaican Mother’s laugh, when we could meet to share his autobiography @BCU Drawn August  2020.

Identity and Belonging Tate Women’s Art – 60Years of work by women. Drawn July  2020.


Listening to Vanley Burke At his Home exhibition at Birmingham Hippodrome. Drawn July  2020.

To See it All. When we could meet in Art Galleries. Reading Kate Bush on Photography @timwalkerstudio @vamuseum. Drawn July 2020.

Ibrahim Mahama when we met at his Parliament of Ghosts exhibition. Whitworth Gallery. Drawn July  2020.
Sonya Listens. iPad digital drawing on Hahnelmuhle German etching . Drawn August 2020.

Dundee V&A. Drawn July  2020.

From A Small Island. Andrew Jackson. MAC Birmingham. Drawn July  2019.

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