CML Poems 4. November 2021.

Papule: A Poem from a wiki

A growth has appeared on my wrist bone.
It appears to be a papule.
A papule is a small, well-defined bump in the skin.[2]
It may have a rounded, pointed or flat top, 
and may have a dip.[2] 

It can appear with a stalk, 
be thread-like or look warty.[3] 
It can be soft or firm
Its surface may be rough or smooth.[2] 
Some have crusts or scales.[2] 

A papule can be flesh coloured, 
Yellow, white, brown, red, blue or purplish.[4] 
There may be just one or many, 
and they may occur irregularly 
in different parts of the body
Or appear in clusters.[2] 

A papule does not contain fluid 
but may progress to a pustule or vesicle.[2] 

A papule is smaller than a nodule; 
it can be as tiny as a pinhead 
and is typically less than 1 cm in width, 
according to some sources,[2][3] 
and 0.5 cm according to others.[4] 

November 2021

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Papule: A poem from a Wiki -reading

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Waiting for swellings to go down
Waiting For ulcers to recede
Waiting for answer phones, nurses, pharmacists.
Waiting For cardiac and GP administrators

Waiting for blood tests
For blood test results
For the blood cell count to drop
For the consultant to share the results

Waiting for the body 
to acclimatise to the treatment
For the days to go by
For good news

Waiting For Covid to go
To get out in the world
To meet face to face
To sharing spaces inside and out

Waiting for inspiration
To make new pictures
To understand new thoughts
To write new chapters, verses and

Waiting to feel warmer and better

Waiting – Reading

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Thank You. Thank You. Thank You

Thank You
For the good wishes from
Those Near and far 
Who have heard of my condition, my situation,

From nearby
From online or far away worlds
Out of the blue
I thank you,  Thank You,   Thank You.

November 2021

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