First etches

Applied soft ground on the plate, taped up the back of the copper plate to protect from the the ferric acid; draw through tissue paper (wrong way round) on to the soft ground only removing small amounts of ground unless waiting 100% black, lay into the ferric acid; immersing fully and rocking from time to time; lift out of acid after 30 minutes and transfer in a tray to wash out area; examine bite with Loupe ( magnifying glass); clean off ground with white spirit; select ink and apply to plate; use scrim to wipe off ink; give chalked hand wipe; proof on dampened paper; review and apply second ground; re etch; wash and print again

Slide 1
etching 2021
First etches
grounds balls

Ground Balls

back tape plate
back tape plate1
back tape plate2
tape handle plate
immerse in ferric bath
immerse in ferric bath1
immerse in ferric bath2
lift out
into tray
wash out ferric
check depth of broken ground.
clean off ground
clean off ground1
clean off ground2
clean off ink with scrim
clean off ink with scrim1
clean off ink with scrim3
hand wipe with chalked hheel of hand
hand wipe with chalked hheel of hand1
soft bite
blott paper
first soft ground pass on cartridge1
first pass on cartridge
hard ground roulette 2
hard ground roulette
hard ground bite 2
hard ground bite
soft ground 2
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