Aquatint stop out, etch and draw. Freecom and abstract

The plates need edge stop out in preparation for first 20 min test etch on freedom 1 disc image.

A second etch of 60 mins is applied following review of the etch depth and and consultation with previous user (Taiba) who etched for 90 mins for her quality texture.

Secondary drawing with litho crayon and pencil to add tone to areas of the image and a 30 min etch applied before the end of the day.

Video clips of the biting process.

stop out, etch and draw

stop out bench


freecom stopped out


white spirited

test timings

ferric brush

2nd 30 min etch

washing off

Rosin magnified check

checking bite

old style magnifier

rosin and stop out

litho crayons

and pencil

drawn into exposed areas

pencil drawing

edges drawn

dotted crayon marks

vertical wash


etched and non etched plates

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