Last of the Damsons

Last of the damsons. Sept 2018

Last of the Damsons. Ep 2A

Having been enthralled by drawing the ripening damsons I travelled abroad to the IMPACT10 Print Biennale.  Returing a week later I found the ground around the trees littered with over ripe blue purple damsons.  Those fruits that had not fallen still hung delicately by their stalks from the wood tree branches awaiting gravity’s last pull. Their tight outer skins had begun to wrinkle and a split appeared along the top where the stems join the fruit. This crevice will continue to expand as the cold days at the end of the summer began and  the fruits reached the end of their cycle.

splitting damson
leaf, damson and fir cone
grounded damsons


And to conclude the Damson season the branch and empty stalks are all that is left of the selected bunch of damsons as the Autumn takes hold. This is not a particularly enjoyable drawn image, but it does capture the stark nature of the nature.

End Of The Damsons

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