Line drawings from Multistory

Three  line drawings from my visit to the launch of HOME MADE in a local Library with photographer Liz Hingley.   HOME MADE is a book by the Black Country Agency Multistory, that is at the forefront of high quality community photography :  The book is a good mix of food and families from “the town with everything on the menu”.

The line drawing are an experiment in digital drawing.  They are an investigation into how one might use a contemporary technology to draw in a manner developed for engraving in the 16th Century.  This was inspired by realising how Rembrandt developed his etching techniques as a future focused solution to methods of Engraving that preceded him.

Irene Sawyer with flyer featuring her Mother
Albert Smith explains how he prepares and bakes his speciality bread and how sharing bread has a spiritual dimension.
Liz Hingley. Photographer