CML Poems 3. October 2021.

Rotting Apples And Hopping Birds

Apples have fallen to the green, uncut grass.  
To decompose and disappear
Into the tree roots for next year
Unless cleared to the compost

Hungry winter birds with darting eyes
Alight to peck, peck, peck 
Through the apple’s waning red and yellow skins
Before fleeing to the safety of the surrounding leafless trees. 

Brown sparrows, Blue Tits, Yellow Finches
The black and white stalking magpie
The Pink, Blue and Big Beaked Jay 
Prancing from one apple to the next

The Blackbirds with their black glossy eyes
And orange beaks that match the apple’s juicy flesh. 
Each and every bird, alert to every man or beast
All drop down to get their fill.

West Wales 2021.

Audio Reading

Rotting Apples and Hopping Birds – Reading

Disappearing Starlings

The massive mummerings 
That filled the skies, and us with awe
Are fewer and further between
They no longer have the numbers
The skilful soaring Starlings are down by 75%
The fields no longer have the insects

So reports the RSPB in 2021.

West Wales October 2021

Audio Reading

Disappearing Starlings – reading
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