Polishing and degreasing

As in all printmaking preparation is paramount and the copper plates that are the foundation of etching need to be prepped well. Polishing the surface to be as clean and smooth as possible is the start. Brasso and … are wiped in circular motions across the whole plate before being polished off with a clean rag revealing a gleaming reflective surface. Like many image making activities the starting point is a sight to behold like the untouched sheet of paper that beckons, but is so pristine that the oncoming marks must be well chosen to do justice. The same is true of the pristine copper plate which first must be shined further by the removal of any hint of grease that will prevent the ferric acid bite. A soft fabric pad is dampened and embedded with DAZ washing powder!

with powder
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etching 2021
Polishing and degreasing
6 plates
edge burr remouval
circular marks
hand print1
circular marks cu
hand print2
brasso tin marks
warm water and Daz
polished ready for degreasing
polished ready for degreasing x6
degreasing pad
spray excess daz2
spray excess daz
degreased and not
degreased plates
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