Stephen Goldstein ‘Mentor’

Stephen Goldstein generously offered to mentor my first assessment for the Queens Award for Voluntary Service. It was a very helpful and insightful session full of advice that I have carried forward since. Stephen also attended the opening of the High Sheriff portrait exhibition in 2017 and was fulsome in his praise of the works. Since then we have met regularly and Stephen reminded me of his admiration of the portrait approach I undertook and how he would not be offended if I was to make a portrait of himself. His positive response to the presented portrait was a pleasure to hear. I had already signed, dated and stamped the portrait and we discussed what it should be titled. ‘Stephen’, ‘Stephen Goldstein, DL’ but I suggested ‘Mentor’ which we agreed would be most appropriate.

Stephen Goldstein discussing the title of his portrait.

email feedback from Stephen: My Dear Jonnie ,

Wow what a kind gesture to be the reciprocant of a Jonnie Turpie original . They say the mirror does not lie and nor does the artist .The life size portrait is me, the style the never ending hand protecting all of me , the smile and the eyes , the most untidy hairy face, the spectacles waiting to attack the face and help to produce the look that goes either with the serious comment or more likely wisecrack !!
Stephanie says it me , it’s too like you , it’s bad enough looking at you in the flesh !!! admired the talent of course and is really happy how thrilled i am.
The next problem is where should it be hung ? my connections with the National Portrait Gallery are not what they were ……….. The office is big enough to cope with it ‘s size, it will be great addition to the other art and help with security scaring any thieves away!
You are a talented and generous friend
Thank you from “The Mentor ” Stephen

Stephen Framed : ‘Now framed in pride of place in my office
Thank you so much Stephen’
Visiting in person to witness the subject and portrait. A joyous occasion in Lockdown Britain.
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