Lacie 2020 drawings

To get a sense of whether the concept of making images of the hard discs would come to fruition visually simple A2 drawings were made with graphite pencils. The first without the connecting lead and the second with. The first was drawn using the dimensions of the actual box multiplied to fit the A2 paper: 31x38cm. The bright box, dark connector and the brand text gives the drawing a simplicity and unity that achieves idea of bringing attention to the object through hand drawn visualisation. The fact that the drawing on paper is pinned vertical on the wall transfers the horizontal box to the vertical and therefore draws attention. The connector both ‘sprouts’ from the top of the box and connects into it.

First mapping marks. Lacie 2020. A2
Outline drawing. Lacie 2020. A2
Lacie 2020. Drawing. A2

Adding tone to the box develops the drawing from diagrammatic to realist.

LaCie 2020 drawing detail.

A second drawing is made by making a transfer from a photograph by applying charcoal to the rear and drawing through for basic outline. This will be reversed when drawing on next sheet of A2 paper.

Although drawn for the practical purpose of transferring the charcoal drawing has a free and fast quality worth noting as the images develop from the precise image to more expressive of the Early 21C boxes.

Charcoal over the ‘LaCie’ text.
LaCie 2020 with cable.
Usb connection. drawing

These first A2 sized images have a presence through attention being paid to the functional objects through drawing. The simple drawn rectangular box without the cable belies the the 2 terabyte data store it holds. The same box framed by the irregular cable and connector situates the box and suggests the functions of the portrayed objects.

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