Sharing Finished portraits update

I enjoy sharing portraits I make with the subject whenever I can. This moment completes the journey from the discreet, secret ‘taking’ of a smart phone photograph of a person to their completed drawn and printed portrait. This could be seen as the final act that completes a circular narrative of maker, portrait and subject and be understood as a moment of forgiveness. Making honest, the dishonest act of digital capture. This methodology is a core element of my PhD Research.

To date subjects have been very happy to have their own print. There is usually a feeling of surprise that a portrait has been drawn and printed unbeknown to them. Responses range from speechless to ‘Comedian’, ‘Thanks’ and  hugs. Once the surprise is worked through we usually get down to discussing the how and why behind each portrait and I share my motivation to draw each person. Finally the first edition printed portrait is gifted to the subject, signed, dated and titled by hand in their presence.

Rana Dey with his portrait in his restraunt The Omar Khayam
Mr Rana Dey Esq

Adrian Packer MBE. 

Adrian contemplates his portrait. ‘Beyond Words’

Richard Demarco Edinburgh 2019
Letter from Ricard after receiving his portrait in the post.

The watercolour Yuchen painted for me in Amsterdam as a return gift.

Adrian, Marsha's new stonemason man
Adrian, Marsha’s new stonemason man

'Babs'. Draws in the Round Room
‘Babs’. Draws in the Round Room
Barbara approves her portrait.
Barbara Walker approves her portrait.

Lorna receives her portrait at the MAC , where she and Adrian began their acting careers

Lorna Laidlaw and Adrian Lester meet after 30 years
Lorna Laidlaw and Adrian Lester meet after 30 years
Adrian happy with his print

women power protest
Hanna with her and her girlfriend’s portrait

Jean Denning 2015. 2/5 silk screen 30×24

Jean Denning. At home with Portrait  2019

Stephen Goldstein Esq

Thoughtful Musician and Entrepreneur, Ninder Johal Esq

Steve with his moon stories.

Nav with Nav
Chris Loughran in the Edwardian Tea Rooms. Chris made the astute observation that his drawn portrait ‘had a bit of both of us in it.’ I valued this comment as he ‘much appreciated’ achieving his portrait.

Herman,  Clock and Table maker
Hermon accepts his portrait in his studio.
Hand Made Clock of Scotland Gift.

Katie B with her portrait

Katie B with her portrait 1 year on from the annual garden party when it was begun and she was about to begin her course at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

The  Museum and Art Gallery exhibition of portraits was a good opportunity to share with their subjects.

Lara Ratnaraja and her proud Mother
Mayor Andy Street
Anita Bhalla OBE DL in action with portrait
Dr Haseena Lockhat with Jonnie turpie
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