Lockdown week 11

Can’t look at the Covid figures. There’s a sickness in the air.

 #Blacklivesmatter and the horrendous results of racism have compounded the painful reality we are living through. As activists have said they “Are Sick and Tired, of being Sick and Tired.”

I have revisited drawings I have made in Art Galleries of people and exhibitions that we used to share. I am sharing them on Instagram.

M is for Migration. @StudioOlafureliasson @Tate digital drawing
From a Small Island. @andrewjacksonphotography @Mac Birmingham. digital drawing

#Printgang continues be a shared forum for making and for me Lockdown Lookout drawing.

Lockdown Lookout

Lockdown Lookout No1 has been made and digitally proofed and printed.  It awaits editioning as a digital print or the basis for a larger silkscreen print based on the layers that have come together in the making.

Lookout Lockdown #1. 16×13. digital drawing on hannemule digital

Lockdown Lookout No 2 has be made and digitally proofed. 

Lockdown Lookout #2. digital drawing

Lockdown Lookout No 3 has begun.

Lockdown Lookout #3. digital drawing

Apologies that this blog is visual rather than literal  this week, but writing has been focussed on a paper that has to be completed for an upcoming deadline.


Thats it

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