Lockdown week 43

More and more, closer and closer.

An increasingly sombre atmosphere is beginning to pervade our lives. The coming together of winter, snow, extended isolation and the virus figures are leading to depression and desperation. The vaccinations are increasing, but so it seems are the variants. 

We are subjected to virus and variant statistics as we try to make sense, come to terms with or ratioanalise what we are experiencing on a daily basis, as more and more people are affected by the virus. John Hopkins university has been updating the medical health statistics since the pandemic began, which has been important to maintain benchmarks for now, and when we look back and analyse what happened when.

I have been reading and writing this week as I try to avoid the statistics, the fears and depressions that are in the air. My friend and fellow studio artist lost his mother to the disease last week.  I feel comfortable in eluding to his loss as he has made a digital toolkit to support those suffering loss. 

It is so valuable and useful for those trying to get through the pain and grief of loss. 

‘After the loss of our Mother to Covid, I’ve put this video toolkit together to help those who can learn from mine and my families experience, how we used digital tools for healing and grieving in this unprecedented time.’

Thank you, Mohammed Ali

Have a reasonable week.

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