Lockdown week 25

A Sad Beginning to Another Six Months

Black Live Matter!

This post will have few written words. The words in white in the three documentary photographs below are progressively erased with black paint to hide the positive message of the original painted words.

September 17th. Digbeth, Birmingham UK

The BLM message in Digbeth, Birmingham was a vibrant action reminding residents of what has to be addressed. Sadly one week after the messaging appeared the ‘BLACK’ was blacked out which appeared to be an action taken by activists of some sort. The site is on Digbeth High Street between Clyde and Alcester street.

24th September. Digbeth, Birmingham UK

One week later, at the beginning of Black History Month, a more corporate action has been taken to ‘black out’ the whole original message.

1st October. Black Out.

What is going on? Who has blacked out this message? Anti BLM activists? A Property Developer? The City Council?

Covid Apps

NHS Covid app

No contact from my NHS Covid App.

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