Lockdown week 24

Its Been Six months

Now its going to be Another Six Months

I need a ‘slump of deflation’ emoji


The culmination of the Magistrate’s 100 Years of Justice anniversary exhibition took place with the launch of the online exhibition on September 8th. A physical exhibition will be mounted in 2021. to the celebrate the opening of the exhibition the exhibitors met with curators . We met online and shared our experiences and ambitions for our participation. For more detail and the art by 20 contributing artists go to website: www.ma100yearsofjustice.com and follow on instagram: # ma100years

My contribution is two portraits on the theme of Race and future criminal justice. Two sitting Magistrates agreed to sit for a portrait just days before UK Lockdown. Both adopted a pose looking directly out with their hands before them, which I reflected in the drawings and subsequent prints.

Magistrates Portraits

Sue Marwa JP. “I joined the Bench in 1984, and was one of the first ‘ethnic faces’ at that time.” A2 Silk Screen.
Carlton Williams. JP. “At 26 I’m the youngest magistrate on the Family Panel.” A2 Silk Screen.


NHS Covid app

I have downloaded the NHS Covid App. It works. It tells me that I am in a ‘High Risk’ Area and that it is active and scanning. I’ll let you know when I use it to enter venue and it tells me anything of import.

Thats it

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