Fruits of Drawing Ep 3: The Oak Gall

Following on from the surprise Damson drawing developments of episode 2, I was expecting to find new fruit subjects in Santander, Spain when I attended the IMPACT Printmaking Biennale.  I came across some figs, but they were no more enticing than the surprise Welsh find of episode 1. No citrus fruits, lemons or oranges. Perhaps I was not looking in the right place.

Link to squid Ink 

However I met David Faithfull, a Scottish Artist when attending his ‘Squid Ink’ art work using sand silk screen printing on the Sardinero  Beach : Playa Primera de El Sardinero.


He also presented his work on a panel which  he began by handing out packets of what I thought were individual OAK seeds.  He informed us they were OAK GALLS, a very different proposition, from which he had made prints using, focusing, inspired by the OAK, which was hanging in the Impact10 Central Library Exhibition.

Smart Phone Photo of OAK GALLS Courtesy David Faithful, Impact 10
Photo of OAK GALLS Courtesy David Faithful, Impact 10
Liminal – Alchemical Aviary, David Faithfull

Subsequently I visited the exhibition, next to David’s Liminal, Aviary exhibit, and enjoyed the prints, BUT there placed on a small ledge, were the Galls on their branch,  I could feel episode 3 of the Fruits of Drawing beckoning. My trip back from Santander was long an laborious, but it gave me the opportunity to draw the Oak Galls.

OAK Gall
OAK Galls. Santander 2018. Courtesy David Faithfull



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