People involved in the Arts 2017-18

People involved in the Arts is an series of drawn silkscreen prints of people I have met in who in one way or another are involved in art and I wanted to celebrate. Printmaker, Photographer, Furniture Maker, Arts centre Volunteer, Drawing Artist, Sculptor, Portraitist, Arts and Education Leaders and Student of the Pre Raphaelites. From Dundee Scotland; Lowick and Cheswick, Northumberland, Ironbridge, Shropshire, Birmingham, Santander.  The prints are drawn using graphite and lead pencils originally on textured transparent film and transferred to silk screen for printing on high quality A1   paper in editions of 5. They are made in my PhD research into Contemporary Portraiture.


Yuchen Yang. A2 Duotone Silkscreen. 2018

‘NAV’ Future Gazing. 20×26 Silkscreen duotone 2017

Amera Saleh, Voice of the Poets. 2 colour Silkscreen A1 2017



Sharing Print Insights – Professor and Artist Elaine Shemilt. A1 Silkscreen, 2017


Babs. Barbara Walker in the Round room. A1 Silkscreen 2018

Hermon Green Creative Carpenter. A1 Silkscreen 2018


HHJ Mary Stacey 2017



Cheswick Beach Explanations, Paul Kenny. A1 Silkscreen 2017

Paul with Milli. A1 Silkscreen 2017



Sir Nicholas Serota. A1 Silkscreen. 2018


Vanley Burke. Photographer and Artist
Vanley Burke. Photographer and Artist. Drawn Silk Screen  40″ x26″ 2017



Barbie Kdjar, Artist.  A1 Silkscreen canaletto. 2018.


Katie B and cousin. A1 Silkscreen Ironbridge, 2018
After many years. A1 Silk Screen. 2018
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