Art Readers an Viewers

A collection of drawings from visits to art galleries, where viewers look at artworks, read about them and their context.

Slide Show followed by individual digital drawings made on an iPad, with Apple Pencil and ProCreate.

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Andrew Jackson, From a small island, MAC Birmingham

Gursky Hayward

Munch. British Museum

Size 8: Orange. 1996. Wylie, Rose.  Women Power Protest.  Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Moon and Stars @Mac: Brave-Kate Holt

Roses. Gursky Bahrain Circuit – Hayward
Metal, Rauschenberg Tate
Centre Botin Miro, Santander
Photographers Gallery Tish Murtha
Michael Armitage at Edin MoA
Michael Armitage. Scottish Museum of Modern Art
Victorian Giants. National Portrait Gallery

The National Collection Dean Gallery

The Barber Institute Observations Of Conflict And Aftermath
Arnold Newman. Louisiana
Ashmoleum Viewer odol by stuart davis 1924
Madoura. Louisiana Denmark.
NPG – hand holding spectacles
Wolverhampton Art Gallery Singh Twins
Tall American. All to Human -TATE Britain
Manhanna Ashmoleum Oxford
Lorenzo Lotto Portraits National Gallery 2018
Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art Santander 2018
RA Drawing Gustav Klimt 2018
Rachel Maclean’s Too Cute Film @ BMAG 2019
PORTRAITS. Klimt Schiele RA 2018
Warhol. Dean Gallery Edinburgh 2018
WOWI Bacteriology Illustrated:Book Dress:
Susie Freeman Royal College of General Practioners. 2019
China Posters. William morris Gallery 2019
MSA Illyas esq
David Owen Esq

Impact Santander Women Printmakers
Viewing hanging written artwork. West Bromwich Blast Festival 2019

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