Consent Form. Retrospective.

Participation consent is a major element of ensuring research is robust. As my research requires intimate relationships with the subjects of drawn and printed portraits I have developed a specific consent form for participants.

It is a retrospective consent approach as participation consent request at the onset would defy the rationale for my methodology.

It is Developed from :

Birmingham City PhD Research Consent Form

Study title
Contemporary Portraiture. From Smart phone to drawn and printed

Project Summary 
This is a long term PhD research project into the creation of
Contemporary Drawn and Printed Portraits that originate from smart
phone photographs. 

Voluntary participation
The portraits begin from discreet smart phone photographs taken without the knowledge of the subject. This is to avoid the ‘selfie’ style image when the subject looks directly at the camera.  This approach can enable a more ‘natural’ image to begin the drawn portrait. When the portrait is complete a finished print will be offered to you.  You will be asked
if you would like to accept it and if you are content with it.  You will
also be asked if you are content to sign a consent form recognising
your acceptance of your participation.  

Invitation to participate
You are invited to accept your participation retrospectively. 
Voluntary participation
Participation is entirely voluntary, and non-participation is entirely
your choice. All material relating to your participation will be destroyed should you wish.

Consent to participate
Please indicate your acceptance that:

a) You have read and understood the information sheet.

b) You have had the opportunity to ask questions.

c) You understand that participation is entirely voluntary.

d) You retrospectively agree to take part.
You have the right withdraw at any stage of the study.

e) You accept that a copy of the final print may be exhibited in a public
art venue.

f) You accept that the portrait may be used in artistic/research social
media channels.

g) You accept that quotations from our conversations about the portrait can be used in the research, artistic/research social media and in the final thesis.

h) You accept that the printed portrait will be used throughout the research and may be included in the final written thesis.

Signature Participant:


Signature Researcher